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An arriving officer located the driver who smelled like booze and observed an open container of alcohol in the truck.After failing a field sobriety test, the hostile man was arrested for drunken driving. He was also cited for open container.Drug abuse: Pearl Road: During a May 2 traffic stop for suspected drunken driving, police suspected something illegal was inside a Ford pulled over cheap nba jerseys on Pearl Road. While the driver didn’t give consent for the officer to search the Ford, the police K9 did in the form of probable cause.During the search, police found crack cocaine.After failing a field sobriety test, the male driver was arrested for drunken driving and drug abuse.Suspicious situation: Royalton RoadOn April 2, police were dispatched to a Royalton Road gas station after an employee observed that a silver GMC truck had been parked at a pump for a while.

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