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This could be the answer to removing your double

MIUI 12 features a new interface and comes with Super Visual Design that presents data in the form of graphs and visual diagrams for easier understanding of information. Another new addition is ‘Super Wallpapers’ which includes high resolution 3D wallpapers of the Moon, Earth, and Mars. There is also a new Dark Mode 2.0 that dims the background wallpaper and adjusts the font brightness..

“I don’t know how I’ve been able to deal with it,” Howard said. “It’s just like one event after another. The Kobe situation [Bryant’s death on Jan. The hearing comes on the heels of residents dying in a Florida nursing home after Hurricane Irma and flooding at a Texas assisted living center due to Hurricane Harvey. Sen. Bob Casey, D Scranton, the ranking member on the Senate Special Committee on Aging, will hold the hearing to examine policies and procedures for evacuation, relocation and what known as sheltering in place.Eight seniors died due to a lack of air conditioning at a nursing home in Hollywood, Fla., after Irma knocked out power to millions.

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