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The further away the galaxies were the faster they appeared to

It was anger over the two year Ethiopian occupation that saw the rise of Al Shabaab a hard line part of the ICU coalition which by 2009 had taken control over much of Mogadishu and central and southern Somalia. In subsequent years several factions of the group drew increasingly close to al Qaeda worldview. Al Shabaab also had ties to bin Laden terrorist network through several al Qaeda operatives who moved to Somalia from other East African countries..

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cheap canada goose In this manner, Hubble had found that the nebulae or galaxies exhibited a galactic red shift; in other words, that galaxies were receding away from ours at a speed which is correlated directly with the distance between our vantage point and the galaxy being studied. The further away the galaxies were the faster they appeared to be going in moving away from us. The results of these investigations is now known as Hubble Law. cheap canada goose

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