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Select the time interval of the video you select that you want

Use this to actually convert the video to a gif. Select the time interval of the video you select that you want to convert, and choose the highest framerate settings and a high ish frame width (I usually do 600 or so) for good quality gifs. Make sure to leave a little room when entering the time interval, because this program clips it a bit; plus, 1 second intervals aren too accurate anyway..

What do mother in laws, zucchini, and New Jersey all have in common? They the butts of numerous old and lame jokes. Sure, when zucchini grows well it produces amply, but there plenty to do with it. Try this simplified take on ratatouille, and be sure to serve it over couscous.

Hudson Bike Share Announces Expansion of Program to Five More Cities [October 24, 2017]This fall Plus Size Activewear,Hudson Bike Share, the public bike share program operating in Hoboken, will add 260 new bikes and 35 new stations throughout Guttenberg, North Bergen Sports Bras, Weehawken, Bayonne and West New York. The program is growing from its initial 250 bikes and 29 stations at launch to 560 bikes and over 65 stations across six cities. On October 10, Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer joined The Trust for Public Land, National Recreation and Park Association, and Urban Land Institute in launching an historic “10 minute walk” parks advocacy campaign, establishing the ambitious goal that [.

By improving stability and movement mechanics, it can also help you avoid injury, especially back injury. Most importantly, the Alexander Technique offers a feeling of lightness and ease that is its hallmark. Of course you can t learn the Alexander Technique just from reading an article, but I hope this article will give you the information you need to decide to take a course of lessons.

To take advantage of this knowledge, be sure to perform the last set and only the last set of every exercise (except for abdominals) to muscle failure. But be sure to heed one caveat: Safety first! For obvious reasons Plus Size Holiday Collection, failure isn’t a method to be utilized by those who train alone, except when using machines or during exercises such as the deadlift, dumbbell bench press, Smith machine squat or barbell curl where it’s easy to return the weight to a safe location. Under no circumstances should anyone training alone perform any barbell pressing exercises, barbell squat, leg press or hack squat to failure or close to failure.

Thursday, November 9, 2017 4:16 AM ESTEgypt’s president says the defeat of IS in Iraq and Syria likely to have forced militants to find safe haven in Libya from which they will later cross into his country. More>>Trump optimistic on trade, North Korea after China talksThursday Sports Tops, November 9, 2017 4:15 AM ESTPresident Donald Trump will push China on trade and North Korea during a two day visit in which he will alternately cajole, flatter and scold the rising Pacific power. More>>Pope seeks to defuse Korea tension, push nuclear disarmamentThursday, November 9, 2017 4:15 AM ESTPope hopes to defuse Korea tensions, boost disarmament with Vatican conference.

San Bernardino City Firefighter Ryan Starling, the only paramedic on the San Bernardino SWAT team and among the first law enforcement on scene during last week mass shooting at Inland Regional Center, has his portrait taken on Dec. 10 in San Bernardino. For Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, addresses the media during a press conference at the San Bernardino County Government Center on Dec.

I thought it was weird specifically that the meme (and other stuff here and in related subs) keep accusing socialists of shit that comes from revolutionary communists/Marxists/advocates of state socialism. Just feel like associating all of socialists with communists and the hard/far left is unfair and pretty untrue. Although this does come from PJW, and that man is a fucking fool so it coming from him isn surprising.

We have won multiple mascot awards. Sparty was on the cover of the last ncaa football video game. A picture of sparty is used as the example of a spartan mascot on wikipedia. Problems, indeed. In Quentin Tarrantino’s famed edit fest, underworld fix it man Winston Wolfe, brilliantly portrayed by Harvey Keitel Sports Bottoms, directs cinema’s seminal no bullshit, bust a gut, murder scene scrub a dub. Once the crime’s bloody evidence has been hosed down and disposed of, so too away rides Wolfe like some lonesome celluloid cowboy riding off into the sunset this cowboy’s lonesomeness is attenuated by a trophy moll in tow..

Don delete their accounts and hide their posts, just lock them and post them as clear as day so people know what was going on. Label them as Russian interference. Label posts from Wikileaks and DNC leaks and sharing of IRA accounts as Russian interference.

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