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President Trump insists he’s not worried by that

Even if you quit, you can claim unemployment. I know the rules say you must be fired, but I had a job where I submitted a 2 week notice and the employer terminated me on the spot. So, I claimed unemployment and was granted 6 months of benefits when I had only planned on working 2 weeks longer.

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Repercussions? The only repercussions is if they make a game so broken that it not playable and they don make money, this is most definitely not that game, in my opinion, no matter how much you guys want it to be. While I definitely think some of your criticisms have merit, with all due respect, Fallout players shit on every game. Y literally just got done bitching about how bad Fallout 4 was, and now it the golden game and this is the new thing to bitch about.

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