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Max eventually came up with the idea of transferring electronic money using Palm Pilots. The attention shown by the media and the users of Palm Pilots convinced him to carry on with the idea of transferring money. The loss of money through Internet fraud was becoming evident.

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Job references are important to include when applying for any job. Make sure your references have good contact information. If you handwrite your references on a job application and there isn enough space, use a blank sheet of paper and list them. I notice that fans are way too willing to over generalize from past events. If goalie A had a bad playoff series (2 good games and 3 bad games), suddenly the goalie isn good enough to get a team to the promised land and probably never will be. Never mind that all athletes go through hot and cold periods over longer timeframes.

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So it only “temporary” by Goodell word, because at the end of the day he determines how long they on it and what gets them off it. Much like an indefinite suspension. The only difference is he not prevented from adding a suspension afterwards if he does choose to remove them from the list..

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