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I mean the kids specifically requested a frozen cake it what the charity does.The charity was upset because they posted the picture, and worried it could upset the kids or the negative reaction could make someone not want to donate.In the end, the original cake maker and the person who donated the cake to charity worked together to make a better cake.This is why none of those comments make a lick of sense (including yours)But yeah! Fuck people that do nice things for others! If it shitty let fucking make sure everyone knows we think their attempts at charity are shitty and we don give a fuck about anything!Ya everything is open to criticism. I did read that, but I got the impression from reading it that the cake maker was not the one getting defensive. I was more talking along the lines that no one sneaked a picture of a cake then had everyone make fun of it.This isn taking a picture of a fat person at the gym and making fun of them, this is an obviously awful looking cake that was always bound for getting made fun of..

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