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The SEC alleges that Vitesse, through the former senior executives, perpetrated fraudulent and deceptive schemes during 1995 to April 2006 to inflate revenue from shipment of Vitesse’s products and to backdate stock options to employees and officers by failing to record millions of dollars of compensation expense. The SEC alleges that all four former executives engaged in the revenue recognition fraud from 2001 to 2006 and that Tomasetta and Hovanec orchestrated the options backdating from 1995 to 2006. The four executives left Vitesse in 2006..

Once detached from the internal lining of the intestines, the remaining microorganisms need to be ejected out through the bowel. Mucilaginous herbs are ideal for this, as they provide a physical mass (otherwise absent in the cholera victim) to carry them out without providing them with nutrition. Mucilaginous herbs also absorb and promote the emission of toxins through the bowel.

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