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By far it the most challenging track we have in

Happy birthday to a sister, a friend, a guardian. Through thick n thin always. Fighting, competing, making up but still always together. This is definitely the biggest event on our calendar, so you want to do well. “The atmosphere is pretty unique and special. By far it the most challenging track we have in Australia.

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canada goose He keeping fit and waiting to here what going on,” Rose said. “He got a bit of a set up there and is able to go on runs and stuff like that. He keep fresh. 1.1 : D Paterson to L Das, Liton Das is away straightaway! Paterson bowls it around middle and leg, he flicks it away to mid wicket for a run.1.2 : D Paterson to I Kayes, Around off and middle, Kayes pushes it towards the off side and wants a run initially but is content without one, spotting a fielder there.1.3 : D Paterson to I Kayes, FOUR! How helpful a third slip would have been for the Proteas here! Paterson angles it across the batsman, who goes for the drive. Gets a thick outside edge that flies past second slip to earn him a boundary. That’s the first one of the game, first runs for Imrul as well.1.4 : D Paterson to I Kayes, A huge shout but turned down! Paterson bowls it on a back of a length around middle and leg, Kayes looks to flick it but gets hit on the pads canada goose.

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