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But when they were asked, “Can single people be happy,” they

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None of them would ever take questions like that seriously. They would immediately recognize the bigotry and condescension in them. But when they were asked, “Can single people be happy,” they treated it like a totally reasonable question. Having so many female race leaders hasn happened before either. Probably the best way to reach parity without killing off more popular leaders that already hold the positions. The Horde probably can afford to lose any more major characters anyway, we still don have a new troll leader..

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It inertia. I don want to put in the effort to start something if I already at rest. I enjoy rest. People need to stop taking this so seriously 7a replica bags wholesale and have a goddamn laugh.Again just playing devils advocate. We have a great line up but I see a lot of people saying “you have Ridley be happy” when I honestly couldn’t care less for K Rool or Ridley personally. Isaac and Shadow could’ve taken their place and I’d be way happier.

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